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The cimbalom band Grajcar plays traditional songs as well as current popular songs. The band was formed in 2000, and since then it has performed hundreds of times at various functions (concerts, corporate parties, birthday parties, weddings, etc.) In 2004, the band started an ongoing collaboration with popular Czech singer Petr Bende with whom the band now performs Christmas tours and many other events throughout the year.

The cimbalom band Grajcar released its first CD entitled "Zahrajme si" /"Let's play"/ in 2007. The CD contains purely traditional favourite songs. Three years later the band contributed to Petr Bende's CD/DVD "Vánoční koncert" /"The Christmas concert"/ recorded at the Christmas tour. In 2011, CM Grajcar released its second album entitled "CIMBALLITICA", vibrantly demonstrating the band's versatility with popular hits in different genres (e.g.: Bohemian Rhapsody, Nothing Else Matters, Once upon a Time on the West, What a Wonderful World, Love Me Tender, etc.)

CM Grajcar offers to the listeners several kinds of programmes: traditional, traditional with dancers, contemporary music, a performance with Petr Bende, or also with his band. Detailed information on these kinds of performance can be found at the bottom of this page under the heading: "types of performance".

The band performs around 100 times every year. While it performs mainly in the Czech Republic; on occasion, you may get the chance to listen to them abroad, especially in Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria.

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